Why GeoCrete®?

Why GeoCrete®?

This question can best be answered using the points listed below.

GeoCrete® product advantages:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions by primary raw materials, use of raw materials, lower environmental impact.
  • The material properties are measurable and can be incorporated into the total design
  • The strength properties are higher than traditional stabilisation procedures but lower than concrete, so they are reusable and very compatible with the more effective use of other materials
  • Well-known technology; the process steps are familiar and have been tried and tested
  • Faster cement hydration process resulting in improved product properties, such as high elasticity
  • Thanks to the extreme stability of the foundation and the high force distribution, the sustainability of structures is significantly increased
  • The capacity to neutralise and immobilise metals or leaching processes
  • Save money with GeoCrete®
  • Little or no costs for soil excavation
  • No transport to landfill sites
  • No purchase of materials for the base layer and anti-frost layer
  • No deliveries of filling materials
  • Reduction of top layers possible
  • Not sensitive to moisture balance and vibrations as is the case with broken materials
  • Lower cost of repairs due to reduced risk of cracks and subsidence
  • Other existing materials can be included in the stabilisation project
  • No anti-capillary layer necessary; possible to create a frost-resistant or water-resistant system
  • Immobilisation of hazardous materials without soil removal and the cost of filling in land
  • Save time with GeoCrete®
  • No off-time expenditure for soil excavation
  • No transport necessary for landfill sites
  • No deliveries of materials for basic and anti-frost layers
  • No deliveries of filling materials
  • Possibility to avoid traditional techniques with concrete by using raft foundation
  • No settlement time required
  • Stabilisation and immobilisation possible in a single procedure
  • The creation of large surfaces in a relatively fast work process that can be inspected and monitored by means of GPS and measurements


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