Inside and outside the Netherlands, heavy industry and mining have contaminated the soil with heavy metals. In addition, it is possible that metallic compounds used in operational processes react with each other, which is undesirable. We can help you with this problem.

Immobilisation of the soil

The main concern with soil contamination due to landfill sites or other solid waste is the leaching of heavy metal into the soil and the subsequent contamination of underground and surface water. Heavy metals have very low solubility at a pH of 9 – 10, which means they effectively leach into the soil. Both magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide can be used as excellent pH modifiers to achieve these types of pH values.



The specially adapted GeoCrete® product was developed for the purpose of immobilisation and ensures that pollutants can reach the soil in such a way that leeching remains within the required limits. Heavy metals and most organic pollutants can be sustainably integrated into the newly-built GeoCrete® structure. GeoCrete® facilitates the immobilisation of pollutants that are hazardous for the environment. This includes heavy metals and organic factors that can be permanently embedded in the newly-formed crystal structures.

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