Municipalities are sometimes faced with high costs for the construction, management and maintenance of structures and roads. Besides, the costs for unpaved roads are high and these dirt roads often cause inconvenience due to dust and holes in the road surface. GeoCrete® offers an alternative. This innovative technique transforms the available soil into good foundation materials. The new paved surface has a natural look and the road surface does not wash away during heavy rainfall.

GeoCrete® for municipal roads Another smart use of the GeoCrete® cement additive involves road widening or the creation of foundations under roads. The soil does not have to be removed and the road is only closed for a very short time. Existing used materials can be included in the process. This gives rise to the stable retention of any stone revetment of grass concrete blocks and the sides of the road. The higher elasticity improves the force distribution. This prevents damage under the road, on the sides of the road and in the structure.



  • dirt roads and rural roads
  • foundations under asphalt roads
  • widening roads by stabilising the verge
  • roads, cycle paths and maintenance roads around dykes
  • foundations for temporary or permanent buildings (event sites)
  • natural paved surfaces such as roads to wind turbines and plot paths
  • temporary crane positions
  • industrial sites, including optimisation of the structure and subsidence prevention
  •  creation of foundation plateaus using the available soil
  • solutions for failure mechanisms on dikes
  • paved surfaces and structures that bear heavy loads, such as container terminals, lorry parks


  • faster
  • reduces costs
  • no soil displacement necessary
  • less primary raw materials necessary
  • better force distribution
  • less nuisance and CO2
  • reusable


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