There is an urgent need for sustainability, innovation and an improved infrastructure. Not just inside Europe, but also outside. Government organisations are stimulating the use of secondary materials. New technologies are making the circular use of primary raw construction materials possible, which means that high-quality recycled materials can be completely reused. The energy costs for transport and the production of materials are incorporated into the design of the structure.

High sustainability

The use of GeoCrete® in structural stabilisation is highly sustainable. This patented mineral cement additive transforms existing soil or clay into a structural material with high-quality properties. The efficient work process means that transport can be kept to a minimum. A stable revetment or foundation is obtained in a relatively short time.



  • The existing soil or clay is used in the process
  • Lower construction and maintenance costs
  • Less use of concrete
  • Less damage to structures
  • Long-term sustainability
  • Lower CO2 emissions due to less transport

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