Water authorities

The Dutch government is stimulating the use of new technologies and innovations for roads and dykes. Knowledge about dyke reinforcement, for example, is shared by engineers worldwide in order to help other countries with water safety. GeoCrete® works together with managers and engineering firms. In the Netherlands, the GeoCrete® additive has been successfully used for dyke reinforcement and harbour plateaus for over ten years. Besides the advantage of a high-quality foundation under roads and structures, GeoCrete® offers solutions for failure mechanisms on dykes that involve little or no soil displacement.


  • Dirt roads and rural roads
  • Foundations under asphalt roads
  • Widening roads by stabilising the verge
  • Roads, cycle paths and maintenance roads around dykes
  • Foundations for temporary or permanent buildings (event sites)
  • Natural paved surfaces such as roads to wind turbines and plot paths
  • Temporary crane positions
  • Industrial sites, including optimisation of the structure and subsidence prevention
  • Creation of foundation plateaus using the available soil
  • Solutions for failure mechanisms on dykes
  • Paved surfaces and structures that bear heavy loads, such as container terminals, lorry parks


  • Faster
  • Reduces costs
  • No soil displacement necessary
  • Less primary raw materials necessary
  • Better force distribution
  • Less nuisance and CO2
  • Reusable

We would be happy to tell you more about the use of GeoCrete® for roads and maintenance roads. We would also like to tell you more about dyke reinforcement and the failure mechanisms on dykes that GeoCrete® can solve. Contact us!

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