Our partners

We have partners in a number of countries that promote and use the GeoCrete® additive. Needless to say, we work closely together with these partner companies to offer the best support and develop more and more new applications.

The experience and expertise gained in this way are recorded in detailed job reports and various studies. We are also happy to share this knowledge with our partners so that they can use this technique as well. We would be happy to receive new requests for this knowledge.


We invite the following target groups to become our partners:

  • Government organisations, municipalities and provincial governments, so that we can help them reduce costs
  • Owners and investors, so that we can help them reduce costs and increase sustainability
  • Project developers, so that we can help them reduce costs
  • Policy officers and managers, so that we can help them reduce costs, increase sustainability and minimise the risk of damage and nuisance
  • Engineering Firms, so that we can help them offer their clients a good alternative
  • Main contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Stabilisation companies, different applications, earlier in the chain and stronger market position
  • Environmental agencies, so that we can help them find a solution for pollution/contamination
  • Geotechnical agencies, so that we can help them provide their customers with smart solutions


Stabilisation is a well-known technique all over the world. Unfortunately, people tend to overlook the opportunities offered by the available soil. This is often due to careless regulations or a lack of knowledge among designers or specifiers.

The degree of success depends on the soil type, the availability and price of construction materials and the specific interests of the main contractor.



  • Clients
  • Government organisations and investors
  • Design and engineering
  • Distributors
  • Partner for stabilisation
  • Producers of binding agents



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