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To protect the environment and the surroundings, there are a number of situations for which a solution must be found. For example, dealing with soil contamination or the integration of roads, cycle paths and other amenities into the landscape. Interest groups or companies in the agricultural engineering sector could benefit from a smart solution for their surroundings.

Less nuisance for the environment

GeoCrete® is exactly this type of innovative solution. With GeoCrete®, a path, road or revetment can be laid using the available soil. This reduces the costs of construction and maintenance. The fast and efficient process transforms soil or clay into a structural revetment or foundation material. The process requires no soil displacement. The advantage is that there is less nuisance for the surroundings and the environment. It also reduces the maintenance costs of the road or structure and requires fewer energy-consuming primary raw materials. A structure with GeoCrete® is completely reusable.


  • Interest groups
  • Increases the bearing strength of soft soil or clay
  • Dirt roads and rural roads
  • Foundations under asphalt roads and site roads
  • Widening roads by stabilising the verge
  • Roads, cycle paths and maintenance roads around dykes
  • Foundations for temporary or permanent buildings (event sites)
  • Natural paved surfaces such as roads to wind turbines and plot paths
  • Temporary crane positions
  • Industrial sites, including optimisation of the structure and subsidence prevention
  • Creation of foundation plateaus using the available soil
  • Solutions for failure mechanisms on dykes
  • Construction of paved surfaces that bear heavy loads, such as container terminals, lorry parks


  • Faster
  • Reduces costs
  • No soil displacement necessary
  • Less primary raw materials necessary
  • Better force distribution
  • Less nuisance and CO2
  • Reusable

As an agricultural engineering company, are you interested in this sustainable stabilisation method? Then we invite you to get in touch with us. If you are involved in a project as a manager, local resident or stakeholder from a working party or interest group, we would also be happy to help you find a solution and answer your questions. Contact us!

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