The Dutch Government stimulates innovations for dikes and water safety. These include smart solutions that reduce the costs of building and maintaining structures on dikes and roads.

GeoCrete® is exactly this type of innovative solution. The use of the cement additive GeoCrete® in cement-based structural stabilisation means it is no longer necessary to excavate, transport and store soil. Numerous tests, surveys and studies have shown that structural stabilisation with GeoCrete® offers a solution for failure mechanisms on dikes. These results are available on request; please contact us for more information.

This technique is also recommended as a foundation layer under roads in dyke elevations. The reason for this is the high elasticity and significantly better force distribution. It prevents damage to the road surface or to the dike body and significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Advantages 50% Faster and more Cheap !

  • Lower construction, management and maintenance costs
  • Better water safety due to less risk of damage to dykes
  • Less risk of damage to roads or dyke bodies and lower maintenance costs
  • No longer necessary to excavate, remove and store soil
  • Structure is resistant to effect of corrosive seawater
  • Lower environmental impact and less use of primary raw materials



The GeoCrete® additive can be recycled and the stabilisation technique is environmentally-friendly. The time required to use GeoCrete® on dykes is short. This has a lower environmental impact on the surroundings. Fewer materials need to be relocated unnecessarily, no soil needs to be removed and no new construction materials need to be supplied. This keeps transport to a minimum. In addition, it is less damaging to the environment and causes fewer CO2 emissions.

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