GeoCrete® allows to stabilize and construct without any soils excavation, reducing transport, primary raw materials, CO2 emissions, and enable to use concrete and asphalt more efficiently, for a sustainable result.

Applications include roads, paved surfaces, foundations, dikes and water protection. Based on our expertise, we want to contribute to better applications such as the construction of safe roads, protection against flooding and more sustainable structures.

GeoCrete® is an innovative stabilisation technique that is faster, cheaper and better for the environment compared to traditional foundations and paved surfaces. It helps to create a stable foundation with a better strength distribution which become less sensitive to vibrations and moisture. It increases sustainability and leads to lower costs when constructing and maintaining structures.

Soft soils or existing clay are transformed into a structural material with higher properties. As an example, a reusable structure can be created using less energy and generating higher compressive strength and elasticity, than the traditional stabilisations with lime and concrete .

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