GeoCrete® was developed by Timab, part of the Roullier Group based in France. Since 1959, Groupe Roullier’s teams have been meeting the needs of the industry sector. Our constant drive to innovate finds the perfect balance between historical knowledge and technological and scientific developments.

With GeoCrete®, unnecessary excavation and transport are avoided and infrastructures can be constructed sustainably with less use of primary raw materials, lower CO2 emissions and more efficient use of concrete and asphalt.

Applications include roads, paved surfaces, foundations, dyke revetments and erosion protection. Based on our expertise, we want to contribute to new applications, the construction of safe roads, increased security against flooding and more sustainable structures.

These are the applications for which we developed GeoCrete®. An innovative stabilisation technique that is faster, cheaper and better for the environment compared to traditional foundations and paved surfaces. It helps create a stable foundation with a better force distribution that is less sensitive to vibrations and moisture balance. This increases sustainability and leads to lower costs when constructing and maintaining structures.

The soft soil or existing clay is transformed into a structural material with high-quality material properties. For example, a higher compressive strength and elasticity than the very low traditional stabilisations with lime and a lower strength than concrete, so that a reusable structure can be created using less energy.

The transformation of existing materials means the use of fewer primary raw construction materials and a more stable subsoil with a good force distribution. This significantly increases the sustainability of structures.

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