Safer roads by structurally stabilizing a single pass with GeoCrete® for Road widening:

Application of GeoCrete® in structural stabilization for the construction of road widening with or without grass concrete bricks for municipalities and provinces in the Netherlands and abroad.

Traditional road widening requires a long road closure or a road section. This is caused by excavation and removal of new materials. With a structural GeoCrete® stabilization, the soil and any residual materials are included in the construction. In addition, an open stone is fixed in both directions and frost protection is created on the sides of the road. In addition to less nuisance and lower CO2 emissions, no primary material is used and the road widening with low energy costs can be reprocessed with a road diversion or adjustment.


2016 Municipality of Venray, road widening GeoCrete® under asphalt (8200 x 0,7 m1)

2017 Municipality of Best, Parallelweg Ekkersweijer, (9400 m2)

2017 Province of North Holland, widening N518, Geocrete under asphalt (6700 x 0,7 m1)

2017 Venray Municipality, Weverslo (6200m2)


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