Road foundation asphalt roads stable in case of drought and heavy rainfall

The application of GeoCrete® in cement-bound structural stabilization as road foundation asphalt roads Worldwide

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For widening the road and replacing the asphalt layer, the existing soil has been transformed into a stable foundation with an asphalt construction with a lifespan of 20 years.

GeoCrete® increases the modulus of elasticity and stimulates the cemenhydration so that the stabilization is high-quality and durable. The process is fast and reusable with less risk of damage and sensitivity to salts and moisture.

GeoCrete® has a high modulus of elasticity and increases compressive strength by neutralizing acids in the soil.

The properties contribute to the entire structure. There is no need for excavation, less use of primary granulates and a much lower CO2 emission resulting in lower costs for maintenance and repair.


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