A Sustainable construction for a quick construction for walking and cycling paths with GeoCrete®, less transport and reusable.

In rural areas it is often annoying and very environmentally damaging to attack the environment with concrete paths or asphalt roads.

A fast and price efficient method is to use the local material. By researching the soil and using GeoCrete® and a low dosage of cement to form a constructive and stable foundation layer, making a mountain path or walkway with a natural look is possible.

Depending on the use and the requirements, a natural wear layer can be applied, if desired in a specific color.

GeoCrete® has a high elasticity modulus and increases compressive strength by neutralizing acids in the soil. Our Partner in India regularly carries out stabilizations with GeoCrete® for road foundations where the asphalt thickness is reduced.

Constructive stabilization has the advantage that it can be counted on and the properties contribute to the entire structure. There is no need for excavation, less use of primary granules and a much lower CO2 emission resulting in lower costs for maintenance and repair.

Do you have a project or want to know more about the properties of GeoCrete®, then we invite you to contact us.