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With the aim of making the use of Geocrete® more accessible so that infrastructures with a lower environmental impact can be made more sustainable, we are constantly looking for new distributors.


Clients want to reduce their costs when constructing roads and structures. This is increasing the demand for smart building practices with a higher level of sustainability.

This is strongly influenced by:

  •  A lack of financial resources and high maintenance costs
  •  Climate change
  •  Social developments

These changes have the advantage that new working methods and technologies are being put into practice faster when there is enough information available.  This also applies to the use of Geocrete®.

Become a distributor. Who are we looking for? 

If you are a producer of products such as cement and other materials for soil treatment, you can significantly improve the properties of these products with GeoCrete®. You can create new applications in this way.  GeoCrete® has a specific effect in humus-rich soil types and soil that has been contaminated with metals.  Besides GeoCrete®, Timab also supplies other products and has its own R&D centre.  We are inviting these market parties to contact us for the distribution of our product or the use of other materials that we supply.      

Companies that already treat soil can be involved in the design of the structure at an earlier stage; this will increase their influence and their chance of winning a contract.  We are inviting these companies to become a distributor of Geocrete®.

Engineering firms can extract data from the results of preliminary research by geotechnical design agencies that they can use in their proposition. We are inviting these companies to become our distributors.

What we bring to the table: 

Timab supports the use of GeoCrete®. Over the past few years, we have gained extensive experience and drawn up a wide range of job reports.  The technical design parameters and the research method are important in determining which parameters can be used to optimise or improve the design.   Besides project support when collaborating with our partners, we can also meet your specific demands for a project or product development.

Timab is a subsidiary of the French Roullier Group.  We have a worldwide network of Market Development Managers, which makes us very accessible.   We have offices in many countries and an extensive distribution network; this means that delivery is also possible in locations that are difficult to reach.

Besides GeoCrete®, we also supply other products that are suitable for multiple applications. Timab has its own R&D department. This enables us to respond quickly to your specific need and provide customer-specific solutions for your project or product.


If you are interested in becoming our new distributor, please get in touch with us.



  • Dirt roads and rural roads
  • Foundations under asphalt roads
  • Road widening
  • Roads, cycle paths and maintenance roads around dykes
  • Foundations for temporary buildings (event sites) or permanent buildings
  • Natural paved surfaces, such as roads to wind turbines and plot paths
  • Temporary crane positions
  • Industrial sites including optimisation of the structure and subsidence prevention
  • Creation of foundation plateaus using the available soil
  • Solutions for failure mechanisms on dykes
  • Paved surfaces and structures that bear heavy loads, such as container terminals, lorry parks



  • Faster, so the costs are lower
  • No soil displacement necessary, so the costs are lower
  • Less primary raw materials necessary
  • Better force distribution
  • Less nuisance and CO2
  • Reusable and circular
  • More efficient use of concrete asphalt and other construction materials.
  • New innovative applications are possible
  • Less risk of damage due to subsidence, flooding or potholes
  • Expansion towards structural stabilisation, where the properties are incorporated into the design.
  • The stabilisation company becomes involved earlier in the chain, during the design phase
  • Development of new products with cement producers

If the information about GeoCrete® and the possible applications with the various working methods has aroused your interest as a distributor or engineering firm, please contact us!

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